We optimize your purchasing with analytics and process.

From technology to FF&E, OS&E, and beyond, our powerful analytics and processes power our service companies to ensure you get the best possible price on your purchases every time.
And it’s our promise to work within your timelines, maintain your strategies, and sustain or enhance your vendor relationships.

We created the world's most advanced pricing tool.

Virtual Vendor Index or VVI ™ is a predictive analytics tool that utilizes AI and machine learning to accurately determine the cost of an item throughout distribution.  Within hours of receiving a quote, VVI determines  if and when there will be savings.

VVI calculates fair market pricing based on input from over 20 publicly available data points and continually updates its data.

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Our processes work.

Leveraging our deep experience, we developed processes that give us unmatched insight into vendor pricing programs, discount tools, and compensation models, which helps us reduce clients’ spend to the true cost that we have identified.

Our processes are a foundational tenet of VPS, and every service delivery team member follows them diligently.

We have an expert team ready to assist.

Senior-level executives are available to provide additional cost-saving insight, from strategy to sourcing to support.  These advisory services are offered at no additional charge while you are an active client.

Via managed services, VPS can provide additional hands-on and buying support to your procurement team whenever needed.

How does it work?


Tell us about the purchase

Have a brief call with our Service Delivery team to explain the background, timing, vendors, etc. for this purchase. Afterwards, follow your typical process.

Send us your quote

Send your final vendor quote to us. We'll run it through VVI™ and our processes to determine if savings are available and how much time it will take.

Enjoy the results!

Decide if you want to move forward. If so, we will negotiate the deal for you. And if not, there's no charge but you get valuable insight into your pricing.

What our clients say about our service

As an executive with fiduciary responsibility for my institution, having a team like Virtual Procurement on our side to not only validate that we are being offered best price but also to engage on our behalf when there are substantial gaps in that price is a significant game changer.

Mike MistrettaVice President & CIO, Virginia Hospital Center

Virtual Procurement was undoubtedly one of the most collaborative, sincere, and effective partners I worked with during my time at Mohegan. Not only did they deliver double-digit savings on all purchases in which they were involved, but they did so while maintaining the timelines of our projects and contracts, preserving our originally designed solutions, and strengthening our existing vendor relationships.

Bobby SoperFormer CEO, Mohegan Sun

The Virtual Procurement team has consistently enabled us to do more within our budget constraints. They have treated every transaction, irrespective of size, with the singular goal of saving our organization from overspending. I know I'm getting a great deal once Virtual Procurement has completed their process.

Thomas CliftonCorporate Director of IT, Geo Specialty Chemicals

As CIO at Baha Mar, Virtual Procurement was able to secure average savings of 13% on hardware and 21% on software on new purchases. Virtual Procurement was able to accomplish these results while improving our vendor relationships because their process is as effective as their analytics.

Dan GarrowFormer CIO, Baha Mar

I have worked with Virtual Procurement as the leader of IT for different properties and I found that it doesn’t matter what size of an organization you are with, Virtual Procurement can save you money. There is absolutely no risk. You simply negotiate your best and final price, as you normally would, and then send it to Virtual Procurement to negotiate further using proprietary analytics and their knowledge of the vendors business practices. It is truly found money that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

James McMahanDirector of IT Operations, Jack Entertainment