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Jake DorstCIO, Tahoe Forest Health System

Had I not spent 30 minutes speaking with Scott, three people on my staff would have lost their jobs. He and the Virtual Procurement team helped recover enough money from past purchases to fully fund these positions.

Thomas CliftonCorporate Director of IT, Geo Specialty Chemicals

The Virtual Procurement team has consistently enabled us to do more within our budget constraints. They have treated every transaction, irrespective of size with the singular goal or saving our organization from overspending. I know I'm getting a great deal once Virtual Procurement has completed their process.

Dan GarrowFormer CIO, Turning Stone Casino / Baha Mar

As CIO at Turning Stone, Virtual Procurement recovered a little less than $250k of money spent on technology years before my arrival. As CIO at Baha Mar, Virtual Procurement was able to secure average savings of 13% on hardware and 21% on software on new purchases. Virtual Procurement was able to accomplish these results while improving our vendor relationships because their process is as effective as their analytics.

Mike MistrettaVice President & CIO, Virginia Hospital Center

As an executive with fiduciary responsibility for my institution, having a team like Virtual Procurement on our side to not only validate that we are being offered best price but also to engage on our behalf when there are substantial gaps in that price is a significant game changer.

James McMahanDirector of IT Operations, Jack Entertainment

I have worked with Virtual Procurement as the leader of IT for different properties and I found that it doesn’t matter what size of an organization you are with, Virtual Procurement can save you money. There is absolutely no risk. You simply negotiate your best and final price, as you normally would, and then send it to Virtual Procurement to negotiate further using proprietary analytics and their knowledge of the vendors business practices. It is truly found money that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

L John JabourVP & CIO, Keystone Human Services

Working with the Virtual Procurement team has helped us further our mission by getting the most from our IT budget. They approach every transaction – irrespective of its size – with the singular goal of saving our nonprofit organization from overspending our limited funds. They also played a key role in recovering licensing costs on our behalf from a large software vendor. I always have the assurance that once Virtual Procurement has completed their process, we’ve received a fair price.

Scott HarrisonFormer CIO, Delhaize

While our organization possesses experienced staff, they have come to rely on VPS’s analytics regarding actual product costs. Virtual Procurement gain share model is exactly as Scott Robins initially described and my team has found that the only risk involved in working with Virtual Procurement is not getting them involved early enough.

Ray GrayeCFO, Meritus Health

Prior to Virtual Procurement, we used research organizations and GPO’s to measure our technology pricing. We have learned that compared to Virtual Procurement, these methods are completely Ineffective.

Greg BannenKY Trailer

I did not expect for Virtual Procurement to be able to secure as much savings as they have for us, while maintaining positive vendor relationships. I can recommend Virtual Procurement to any IT organization that is interested in saving money on existing or new maintenance contracts and on new asset purchases.

Jeff StylesVP Technology, Hannaford Brothers

Virtual Procurement helped us recover more than $350,000 and also reduced the cost of net new product by an equal amount. My team was just as impressed that our Service Level Agreements for those items were not impacted in any way. When you are running towards liquidation, every dollar saved and recovered is critical.

Heddie TomlinDirector of Supply Chain, Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Over the past seven months, Virtual Procurement saved us more than $1,000,000. When we calculate the impact of our lower maintenance costs for the next two years, the total cost reduction attributable to VPS is close to $2,000,000. It should be noted that these savings were not based on some esoteric or hypothetical reasoning, but derived from the calculated difference between the “best and final” quotes that we were given by the vendors and the cost that Virtual Procurement negotiated on our behalf.

Bobby SoperCEO, Sun Gaming & Hospitality

Virtual Procurement was undoubtedly one of the most collaborative, sincere, and effective partners I worked with during my time at Mohegan. Not only did they deliver double-digit savings on all purchases in which they were involved, but they did so while maintaining the timelines of our projects and contracts, preserving our originally designed solutions, and strengthening our existing vendor relationships.